Changing seasons

So once again I was up like a shot. Okay, may be not then. As the weather has now certainly changed it’s time to knock Geocaching on the head and crack on with the DIY. So I was lying in bed researching DIY projects. I’m going to get someone in to do the bathroom, so as long as I get that sorted that’ll be fine. It’s just not worth me attempting it. I’m sure I could do it eventually, it would just take about five years. So I’m going to crack on with the living room. First things first is preparation, and that means running cables. Lots of cables. I need to get an HDMI cable up from behind where the TV is to a mid point across the ceiling. This is for the projector. I think the best way to do this is cut a hole through the floor behind the TV, then another over by the door, pull the cable across here and then another hole over by the archway. Then pull up here and drill through the bottom of the studding, then up the wall (I’ll put a speaker cable up this way as well), through the ceiling, then through the floor of the landing and across the floor of the wardrobe, then across the ceiling. I also need to run power and probably a network cable as well. I’ll probably run two HDMI cables for redundancy. I reckon theres a good couple of Sunday’s work there to start with. Also I’m thinking of some wifi controllable down lights.

Got up, boiled eggs, picked up dog poo. Drove to Tytherington. Did the puzzle cache which was the last remaining one there. That brings me up to 315 now, happy with that. Message from captain James that the fog was lifting. Drove to Staverton. We had the air field pretty much to ourselves due to the weather. We did lots and lots of autos. Pretty much got the hang of them now. Took the ‘Operational Procedures’ exam again. Got eleven out of sixteen. Had another pop at it and got fifteen out of sixteen. We had a look at a couple of questions, there was one there that neither of us thought was correct. Some of the semantics of the answers is just bizarre. Anyway, passed. So now on to radio telephony.

Came back. Went for a quick run. Imported helicopter footage of today. Have a bath. Drink wine.

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