Why is it always the red that goes up like a volcano?

I was expecting Jamie to get up and go to work but apparently he was doing a ‘shift swop’. I’d already got up at 6:30 and taken Dillon to daycare. I went back to bed and got up at 10’ish. Today was all about finishing the SDK upgrade and getting that checked in. Which finally I did. At 3PM Jamie was still in bed. I moaned that he needed to walk Sasha and that Dillon was to be picked up at 3:30. He gave Sasha a three minute walk and off we went. Picked up Dillon, he’d been a good boy this week thankfully. Came back and carried on working. Jamie ate and created a mess. I went to the gym, cam back and did more work. Had to wipe down the walls in the winery as the red had got a bit too excited and jetted out the air-lock. It’s settled down a bit now but still producing more gas than me. Jamie now moaning about internet speeds, due to packet loss. Jamie makes tea, which consists of making an even bigger mess, towel has vanished, no doubt into his lair together with most of the dishes, where they will stay until they go mouldy. I change the bed, as I’ve asked him four times and given up. The kitchen looks like a tip, I really just can’t be arsed to tidy it up tonight. If I don’t do it, it will just sit there. I sorted out the recycling and put that out. I get moaned at about bandwidth again, oh and apparently I wake up with a hard-on thinking about doing the bathroom. Sometimes I think I only exist to provide a never ending stream of cash and a cleaning service. And the weekend weather over Staverton is looking shit.

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