One man coming to plumb, coming to plumb in January

So today was all about rendering to a cube map. Now this sounds fairly straightforward until you try and actually implement it into the existing API. After several attempts at different ways I finally got it all sorted, one more job done. Walked the dogs. Sulked as Jamie only went to work for about ten minutes then spent the rest of the day pissing about. Didn’t speak to him. Went for a run. Came back and told him his household chores ethic was lacking. Oddly he’s now doing the dishes. They’ll need doing again as he’ll make a shit job of it. He still won’t shift the shit off the dining table.

Came back to an email from the plumber, all good, date sorted. So which plumber did I go for? Well not number three, he never even came back with a quote, which is just rude. One of the boiler people did that as well, came, talked the talk, buggered off and never heard of again. It won’t be plumber number two either, Mr Arrogant. He is just too expensive at over a grand more than anyone else. He would do a good job though, it’s the sort of thing archaeologists would dig up in a million years and go ‘Ah, yes, this is a bathroom done by Gregory’. So just like a woman picking a dress, she always goes back to the first one she saw. So I’ve gone for the first one, Mr. tiles on bonding, but the good part about that now is that it requires no bonding as all the walls are prepped. He’s agreed to what I’m supplying and what he’s supplying. So I need to sort the ceiling, seal the windows, reinforce the unit, do the template, get the marble done. Well, I’ve now got a couple of months to do it, so I’m pretty happy with that.

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