Have I been in a time warp or have S-Club 7 just performed?

Hmm. SDK upgrades. They are as exciting as they sound. Got most of it working early on, then I noticed shadows were all over the place. With about fifteen minute turn around times it was a real pain to track down. The fault? Well, nt mine, lets just say it was a certain compiler not written by me. Mind you it was building a piece of bloody awful hlsl code. I just it to something more boring, lost about fifty instructions and it also worked. So just a couple of libs to rebuild and that should be it.

Went for a run. Quite a nice evening, if bloody cold. But had multiple layers including plenty of lycra. Did about six miles. Came back and transferred the white into another bucket as it was just below 1010. Tested the red, that’s still about 1030, so I’ll test that again Thursday.

Plumbers obviously don’t want work, or have more than they can possibly manage. I’m sure there are poor plumbers, just like there are poor farmers. Maybe not.

Sat down to eat and put Children in Need on. S-Club 7 popped up. Now apparently they broke up twelve years ago. Now I can’t sing and 99.9% of people who’ve ever heard me murder Frank Sinatra will attest to that. This makes me a bloody good judge of other people who can’t sing. Now, S-Club, boy did you nail that one. They were flatter than fifty year old coke. Mind you they are ageing well, apart from their incomes obviously. Still, they put on a good show, every one enjoyed it and that’s what its all about. You may be total shit inside, but as long as you put on a good show, then every one is happy.

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