Feeling quite creative

Didn’t sleep well, but woke up feeling very refreshed. Cracked straight on with work. Got everything done that I wanted to get done.

Went to the gym, spent about forty-five minutes on a cross trainer. Then did a home check for a couple of cats.

Come to a bit of an odd decision earlier. Well you may think it’s odd, or cruel or even wrong. But at the end of the day I have to think about me and my well being. I’ve decided to disconnect from my mother for the foreseeable future. I’ve just had my fill of deceit, lies and manipulation. It’s just not doing me any good at all. Why is it I can do a very complex job, get disturbed by ten people and have a mountain of work to do and only get a bit stressed, but when I hear from her my stress levels go through the roof and I head into a massive depression. Really I guess I should have moved to Aus when I had the opportunity about twenty years ago, I think it would have done me good.

Since I’ve made this odd decision I feel like I’ve had a huge wait lifted from my shoulders (and dumped it heavily on my sister, sorry, but I just need to do this for a bit). Suddenly I feel a lot happier, less stressed, it’s kind of weird. I spent the evening just playing around with Final Cut and Traktor and had a great time, very creative. I attached new rotors to a model helicopter and flew it around. I sat down with the dogs and watched the telly. I even booked the hire car for the trip (well paid a deposit on it anyway).

Don’t forget to watch the video ‘QVC’s best customer’, then you can see why I’ve made this choice.

I hope it’s a beginning and not the end.

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