Well, that was all very strange

So I took Jamie to the station first thing, on the way back I stopped off at the tip and got rid of the washing machine packaging. Then I finished off editing the new video and started the upload. Walked Sasha. Had a light lunch. Picked up lots of petrol. Then drove down towards Cheddar. This is a journey I haven’t made for a log time, actually the last time was for Nat’s funeral. No traffic really, considering it was a bank holiday weekend. I stopped off in Shipham and managed to get the car jammed in a farm entrance. Basically I grounded it. Had to jam a load of stones under the weeks and drive out very slowly. Thankfully apart from a few scuffs, no real damage. I then continued on to Karen’s house. Joe was there. I hadn’t seen either of them since the funeral either. Tea was made and we got chatting. I’m not going to discuss what we talked about as it’s a very private matter. Joe buffed the side of my car. He made a really good job of it. I picked up the remaining disco equipment which I hadn’t seen for about ten years, including my smoke machine. I’m sure it will stay in the loft for the next ten years. Also picked up the spray brush picture that Nat and I had done in Orlando. I drop back via Shipham cemetery. I had a few moments to myself. Drove home without any further car incidents.

Went for a run. Did the video annotations. Forgot to remove the audio on one of the outro trailers, never mind. Takes too long to upload. Had a shower, then made myself a Phal curry. Quite impressive hotness. Now sat here waiting for Jamie’s train to arrive watching the new Doctor Who.

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