Okay, so there was this T-Rex 450 on eBay…..

Work once again was all about CPU optimisation. Lots of prefetching data. Basically analysing where data cache misses are, then putting in prefetches in good places. Managed to get a few fps increase. I was watching this T-Rex 450 on eBay, it was going for about fifty quid with a few hours to go. These are big heli’s, well almost half a metre as in the name. But they are very stable to fly. They are also over three hundred quid new and this one had a case and a load of spares with it as well. All it was lacking was lipo’s and a receiver, and I don’t have a shortage of them. Won it at just over the ton mark, plus I managed to get a nice stand as well. Plus it was in Bristol.

Washing machine arrived in the correct time slot. Unpacked it. Did more work. Jamie came home, so removed the rest of the packaging and then I installed it. It fitted with about 2mm to spare. It’s stainless steel. Well, it’s stainless steel coloured plastic. It looks nice. I put it on a rinse and spin to clean t out. Walked Sasha. Went for about eight mile run. Had a shower, then drove to the other side of town to pick up this heli. Met the chap there, he was nice, went through it all. Very pleased. I think I’ll do a rebuild on this one first as it’s a bit easier to work on. It has a blown servo, apart from that it all looks complete. Not the sort of thing you can fly in the house though, if it hit you it would take your head off, no problem at all. Just need to pick up a few extra tools.

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