Well the first taps arrived

Got up at 6:30 and took Dillon to daycare. Went back to bed. Got up late. Spent all day looking at clouds, no really I did. Rendering the bloody things, well to be more precise, speeding up the rendering of the bloody things. It’s a pain in the ass and very mind numbing. The basin tap has turned up.

Now my wrist has been hurting all day (the other one), so I went to Pump, but did it with rather light weights to stop irritating it. Came back, did a tad more work, then decided to do parts of the remaining bathroom paint with ‘cling-strip’ as I have shit loads of it left. It’s all gone a bit stodgy, but plastered it on anyway. Still got a bit more to do, but see how this bit goes. Covered it in cling film, waiting for it to drop off (the paint).

Then I got an email back from the plumber. Apparently I would only save £120 quid if I removed all the tiles and cleaned the walls up myself, but the under floor heating will cost £220 to install. This is under floor heating that only cost about £100 and requires one link to the mains. Laying it takes about five minutes. I think that’s far too steep. Plus we want the side of the bath tiled rather than using a panel. This currently takes the fitting to over two and a half grand, which to be honest, even if he’s the greatest bathroom fitter in the world is too expensive. Considering the only materials required are some plasterboard, grout and a bit of pipe. So I’ve gone back to mybuilder.com and myhammer.com and requested more quotes. It may get to the point where I rip it out myself and get a tiler in and stuff. It’s all rather annoying.

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