So one is ready for clearing

Can’t remember what I did at work, oh actually it was rather dull. Something to do with environment maps. It’s been very windy. Went out for a run at about five thirty, managed about eight miles. Had a shower. Did a but more work. Then took some wine gravity readings. One was ready, so added the stabiliser and gave it a stirring with the drill. Then added the finings and another stir. The other one is about 996, so I’m going to leave it a couple more days to see if it drops some more, it won’t harm. The other one takes around fourteen days to clear, so hopefully this one I can do the finings on Thursday and Friday, that one only takes about a week to clear, so probably ready for bottling next Thursday. The other one will be a week after. Then it’s on to the red and the other white, which I can’t even remember what it is now.

Haven’t heard back from plumber. I think I’ll cling-strip the rest of the paint, I can’t be assed to steam it.

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