Well he was an arrogant cunt

So this morning I got up early as this plumber was meant to arrive. So started work. By eleven thirty he still hadn’t arrived. So phoned, he was stuck over at Hanham. Said he would phone in the next four to five hours. I worked on cmask caching, which was interesting, but slightly uneventful. Walked both dogs. Went for a run in the dark. Came back, had shower, had phone call from plumber. Tried to call back, left answering machine message telling him not to bother. I get a text saying he was in the bath and could come over now. He came over, really wished he hadn’t. First thing he said was, “This is a perfect example of why people who don’t know what they are doing shouldn’t touch things.” He’d kind of blown it there and then, but by this point he’d actually wiped his hand across a wall and touched his face, so he now had a white dot of plaster on his knows. From this point on I couldn’t really take him seriously. He then went on to tell me the joys of why I didn’t need to remove the paint and then asked about why I wanted an electric shower. I said it was because the water pressure was too low. He then said I had a problem with my pipes or my boiler. I finally got bored and told him it was a gravity fed system. Still he pointed out everything that needed doing and asked when I wanted it done by, I said Christmas, he said no chance. Then why the fuck did he ask. He buggered off saying he would mail me a quote. I look forward to that. I think I’ll go back to plumber number one who wants to put bonding on fucked plasterboard walls and tile over that, thats a disaster waiting to happen. Bonding takes ages to set, then you really have to prime it properly. Really if I want it doing properly I should take the time and do it myself, as I can do the research and then do all the preparation. Still, I said I would rip out the plasterboard around the bath, at least then it can be replaced and done properly. Bonding, fuck me, probably the worst thing you could tile over, next to grass or water. I just know I’m going to pay this guy two and a half grand and half the job is going to be bodged to fuck and it will forever annoy me.

Tried to transfer the wine, fucked it up, it’s gone all cloudy so will have to clear again. Had enough of today really.

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