So the chisel arrived, think I may need to seal everything though

Took Sasha to daycare. Cleaners arrived and did a shit job. Chisel was finally at Aztec. Worked on stuff, which wasn’t very successful. Have an idea though that may be more successful. Walked Dillon, he was quite happy without Sasha. Talked to another plumber, he is coming tomorrow. Have a feeling my jointing compound exercise will now need a coat of some sort of waterproofing over the top, as jointing compound will turn back to powder if it gets wet, which is not great. But a waterproof coating may be a pretty good idea anyway. Still, see what chap says tomorrow. Picked up chisel, picked up Sasha. Went to Pump. Came back and played with chisel. It’s quite good fun. It’s certainly a lot quicker than a bolster and a lump hammer. Anyway, far too much going on in my mind at the moment. This bathroom may get done this decade.

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