Ah, so you’ve been tiled before…

Work was very dull, so won’t even go there. Spent quite some time in the bathroom removing plaster. I’ve finally worked out whats gone on there. The wall by the window has been tiled before. So, going by layers, there was paint, followed by plaster, followed by PVA, tile adhesive, plaster, hard wall, then brick. What’s happened is moisture has got behind the first layer of plaster, activated the PVA and all the plaster has become loose. Anyway, all that side of the radiator the plaster has now been removed, back to the tile grout. The other side of the radiator the plaster is fine, thankfully it’s been skimmed to about 1mm, so the difference in levels can be made up with tile adhesive. So where are we now. Well I’m now working on the right hand side of the radiator, just removing the cling-strip and the rest of the paint. There’s still quite a way to go there. Both window ledges have been removed, a bit of repair work required one side, the other side is fine. So job for tomorrow is to hopefully remove all the rest of the paint. Then Sunday that leaves removing the rest of the tiles and then ripping out the plasterboard around the bath. That should then just leave some sanding and filling jobs. It won’t go to plan though, never does.

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