Welcome back DIY Sundays

So woke up at 9AM, couldn’t really get back to sleep. So printed out all my ‘evidence’ for ‘Bathstore’. Headed over there at 11AM. Started cruising at towel rails. Eventually got to the guy I saw yesterday. Said I was after a towel rail after taking his advice and that he’d got his figures wrong. He went through them and saw it was actually the web site that was wrong, but had no problem at all in honouring the figures. So basically for an extra sixty odd quid I got four hundred quids worth of towel rail. They made 0.3% mark up. Came home, put some paint stripper on the glass above the bathroom door then started working on digging in the alarm cable. I then noticed a major problem, none of the paint was really keyed into the plaster properly and it was coming off in handfuls. If you put a weighty tile on that it would just rip off and fall on the floor. So I decided just to steam the lot off and be done with. Eight hours later and three quarters of it is done. I’ve let the plumber know that I’m quite happy to take all the tiles off and make vaguely good the backing if it reduces time and cost. At least then I’ve kinda had some hand in it. Finished just before eight, then with an hour cleanup, in bath by nine. Now time to make a curry. I even went for a run, for a break! I worked hard today, but it’s very satisfying. Jamie wonders why we don’t have sex anymore, it’s because I’m knackered as I do everything, while he does nothing.

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