I bought a bathroom

Not sure what happened yesterday, it was probably very dull. Oh that was it, Jamie was home all day with Ebola, so annoyed the shit out of me. Did work. Went to the gym and did Pump with Trudie. No extra tonight as no Laverne. Watched the first one of the new series of ‘The Apprentice’. I do enjoy that. Went to bed in the spare room as the noise coming from ours was horrendous. Didn’t sleep well.

Woke up. Jamie was now on the couch, thankfully he’d now shut up and was asleep. Made breakfast for three and took the paper back to bed. Jamie joined me and managed to keep his respiratory system under control. I got up and measured all the bathroom walls. Shopping arrived. We then ventured out. First to Tesco to get a passport photo and a flu jab. Photo machine broke down and the pharmacy had just closed. Managed to get photo at Tesco photo lab. Booked in for flu jab. Went to pet shop and Argos, came back. Had flu jab. Then went to B&Q. Bought paint. Saw some floor tiles we liked. Went to bathstore. To cut a long story short, we bought a bath, sink and loo, together with all the other shit and wall tiles. I came to two grand, I could have saved ninety quid online, but the bloke was nice and I have the feeling that if anything was wrong I could just go back there and punch him. Time was getting on and the jewellers closed at 5PM. I was in Cabot Circus car park at four fifty. I ran right across town and made it to Parsons. There shutter door was already partway down. I dived under it, much to the surprise of the four women behind the till standing there with there handbags. They said they were closed, I looked at my watch. I still had fifty seconds. I was dripping in sweat, just said I’d come to pick up a repair. They somewhat relented now figuring out that I wasn’t about to rob them and managed to pick up my necklace. Drove up to Cribbs. Went in Topps Tiles. Bought four real stone marble tiles for the sink to go on. Need to pick up next week. Then went across to B&Q and bought the floor tiles.

Came back home. Walked the dogs. Then worked out bathstore would have been ninety quid cheaper online, but considering they have an ever changing sale on every three minutes anyway, it’s all a bit impossible to work out. Went through doors for the cupboard with Jamie. Did the accounts, sent off for a quote for the doors. Bought taps from Amazon. So the only things outstanding now are a towel rail, the shower and some blinds. And yes we did spent over four hundred quid on a bathroom cabinet (before all the various discounts), but it’s a really cool cabinet. You won’t get that off fucking QVC.

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