So bathrooms are bloody expensive

So started off by finishing off what I was doing last week, that basically took all day. Walked Sasha. Got most bits finished then went to the gym and did Combat. Came back a did a few more bits. Looking at some parallel reduction stuff, which sounds more impressive than it actually is. Got the quote through from the plumber. It was a bit higher than I’d like, but it looks like he wants to remove all the walls and replace then, which is a hell of a job. I was contemplating removing all the tiles myself and making good the walls. But to be honest, I can’t really be assed. So I think I’ll just strip the rest of the paint off and fill in all the crap plaster, then it’s all his problem. Still have the ceiling to repaint, but if I get a good run on it on Sunday I should get the lot done. I can then move on to the lounge, although the entire decorating budget has now been used up. Still contemplating putting a TV in as well though….

Oh, I think the wine fermentation is complete. I’ll take a gravity reading tomorrow and then degas it all if its ready.

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