Our scene may be set in ‘Sweet Verona’, but it’s still filmed in Dagenham

Shaders will be the death of me I’m sure. I’m so intimate with that damn compiler source it’s almost like were having an affair. The whole day was spent trying to get a set of shaders to compile with global params in one block. Works fine standalone but then goes tits when used as part of the build chain. Gave up just after ten at night, a fun one to get stuck into on Monday.

Spoke to Sarah, well attempted to, soon as I got through the Tesco van arrived, so unloaded shopping. Then had anther pop. She’s spoken to mother, who unsurprisingly was in something of denial. We’ve basically left the ball entirely i her court, we can give her help, or she can go rot. Her choice. Oddly she sent an email to her one and only friend in reply to something, she said nothing except for the subject of the email (which was about her uncle in a care home). So she knows big brother is watching (and relaying to big sister).

Went to Body Pump, then did a really good session with Laverne afterwards. I’m getting very strong up top. Didn’t do much else then other than have a bath and collapse in front of the TV.

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