Us and them (Or the dark side of the moon)

So this morning started off with unusually not the best nights sleep in the world, I think I overdid the air conditioning and it was fucking freezing. I put the towels down then went for a banana, they didn’t have any. Balls, had a black coffee at the Rosebud. Went back to bed, had a hell of a hard on, Jamie kept moaning when I went to blow on his tits so ended up tossing off into a towel in the bathroom, I then made the bad mistake of using it to dry my face with later.

We went to the pool. I actually made a bloody good effort with the ‘air-law’ book. I got through a good bulk of it and it is starting to sink in, but it’s still bloody hard going. We had lunch, my seventh pizza of the week. Back to the sunbed. We stayed there until about six.

Went back to the room, Jamie watched the telly, I read a magazine for a bit then did some packing. It’s all just about over for another year. We went down to dinner, we ended up siiting close to the moaning woman from last night, she spent the whole time moaning at her husband. Apparently he took far too long going to the toilet. Then he got her a fish, she didn’t approve. The service tonight was fairly shit, I had one glass of wine and one glass of water and that was going to be it.

We then went to ‘The Show’ which was the first one we went to this week, had no idea what it was going be as normal for this place, nothing is ever sign posted. It turned out to be ‘Momma Mia’ which complimented ‘Greece’ that we saw last year. Okay, yes, it was a bit of a lip-synced jolly, but it had some very scantilly clad men in lycra. Hell, it was quite enjoyable.

We then ventured to the upstairs bar, where once again we bring this holiday to an end. A few drinks and a few laughs later we were done.

I’ll miss Turkey..again. It’s been fun, it’s the seventh time we’ve been here. I’ve especially enjoyed this one, it was well timed.

I was going to finish off with something very deep and meaningful, but I don’t think it’s appropriate today. I’ll just leave the week with some great memories and great relaxation. Tomorrow I start heading back to the normality of Monday. I’ll go back to staring death in the face, but this time it will be with the attitude of ‘Come on you fucker, I’m waiting for you.’

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