This morning started off bang on about 9AM again, I didn’t get up until closer to ten though. Had a black coffee at the Rosebud and then picked up a banana and took it back to the room. Jamie was still in his pit. I got changed and then headed out with the GPS. The cache was 3.8Km away. I walked 4. Then due to the fun nature of the coastline I still had another 4 to go. I then hit a highway, the traffic was awful enough up to this point I wasn’t going to chance walking along a mountain road next to a load of traffic being driven by people clamped to mobile phones. I headed back, it was still a pleasant walk. Got changed and went to the pool just in time for lunch. Then spent the afternoon finishing off the last Jeremy Clarkson, it wasn’t one of his best, I think perhaps he’s become somewhat repetitive. Lots more people have turned up today, lots of horrible kids, spoiling our nice quiet spot around the children’s pool. A German man and his wife turned up, deposited themselves on sun loungers then she appeared to release a torrent of abuse at him. He then vanished, and shortly came back with two glasses of champagne. He then kissed his wife, he had the face of a man who had spent a lifetime chiselling the paint off the back of a urinal while someone was still pissing in it.

We actually stayed by the pool until about six, then went back to the room and changed ready for dinner. Tonight was at the ‘Aegean’ restaurant. The food was fine, the service was appalling. There was just no way I was going to get my glass re-filled and when we were served dessert it was obvious we would have to eat it with our hands. Still, the young waiter was as camp as tits and completely clueless. There was a Northern woman in there who did nothing about moan about cheese on her fish. We retired to the room for ‘tiffin’ where I banged Jamie hard over the end of the bed all the time wondering if anyone could see us through the open curtains. There are many tourists on a cruise-ship that may well now be very much enlightened.

So that almost brings us to an end. We have one full day left here. It’s been mixed really, on the one had the hotel was not as good as last time, the safe jammed, we had stuff stolen, the food was mediocre and the entertainment was non-existent. But there is still probably a lot more ‘good’ than ‘average’, so in balance we will probably come back again as we know what to expect. It’s come at a good time, Jamie was in need of a holiday and some inspiration for not becoming a blimp, I was in need of a break basically before I just died. How long I will last when I get back I question, I’ll give it until Christmas before I have some major organ failure or part of brain decides that it’s better off pickled in Pinot. I’m now looking back on these holidays thinking ‘oh they were fun while they lasted’, and looking ahead thinking ‘well if I can get another one in before I die it will be a plus’.

I’m 42 going on 90 going on dead.

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