In the end, it can all probably go back to being a bit shit

So this morning started with an alarm, the first one we set this week. Put it on snooze a couple of times then finally got up. Headed to the Rosebud bar, no need for towels this time, had my black coffee then picked up a banana on the way back to the room. Did the final packing, carried the case to reception, paid for my extras and we were picked up a bit early. It took almost two hours to wind our way back to the airport, we were the first pick up. Listening to people moan as they boarded. One couple’s hotel was closed down for hygiene reasons after two days, another’s had nothing to eat but cold chip butties, I think we got off quite lightly with are magazines being thrown away and the octopus being slightly over cooked. These people were paying about twenty quid for their hotels, it felt quite embarrassing to say we were staying on a private island on its own peninsula. Bag drop took forever, immigration was non-existent. The flight back was actually painless, we were sat next to a lovely woman, ex-landlord, she had some great stories.

And that was it, soon we were back home. The washing machine was on and I went out for a run. Considering it’s been only a week, it seems like a long one. That isn’t a bad thing, I think this time we’ve both actually really enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back again next year.

Normality now resumes, I’m kind of looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, I’m sure all my enthusiasm will be quelled after about ten minutes. I do get to pick the dogs up first thing though, even though it’s been nice to have a dog hair free week, it will be lovely to have them back.

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