Up, up and away

So this morning started far too early. 8AM is not a good time for an alarm to go off. Breakfast at quarter past wasn’t acceptable either, but had to be done. Left the house at about 9:10 and got to Staverton bang on time. Set the camera up, added my cushion, then we were all set to go. We did two circuits together, followed by an autorotation, then one more circuit. Each circuit I nailed the approach, which was good considering there was no wind whatsoever. Then it was over to me again, James got out, I had a little play around and then off into the circuit. This time, no nerves at all, very relaxed and just got really into it. Nailed the first one perfectly, James came over to make sure all was good then I knocked out another three, all were pretty good, all actually had great landings. Then a plane hit the runway a bit heavy and burst a tyre, so closed that one off, the active runway then changed so at that point after four circuits by myself I called it a day. I was extremely pleased. It’s odd, because a month a go I was thinking of giving it all up as it was getting dull as hell. Now I can’t wait to get going again. Next time I get to do about an hour by myself, then we start to leave the circuit and fly around the North a bit. I don’t think I’ve seen outside Staverton circuit now for about six months, I’ve forgotten what it all looks like.

Came back and walked the dogs, then had lunch. Then neutralised the Artex stripper. Then it was off to B&Q, got the wood for the template. Then as it was a nice day I picked up some crickets then wandered into town. Uploading a new helicopter video to YouTube now. Have a shower, Jamie is cooking. DIY day tomorrow.

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