Tonight I mainly worked on my arms, I’m going for the ‘Dairylea’ triangle look

Today I didn’t do any link time optimisation. Instead I looked at rain, well rain drops, and sorted a bug on that. Then I spent ages reducing the number of clouds in environment maps. Who says my life isn’t without these fascinating moments. Not much else happened really. It was very cold again. I went to the gym and did Pump, then spent well over an hour with Laverne doing free weights. We have now actually got to the biggest dumbbell, I’m now doing rows with 50Kg. She said that that was her wait. I said she could get on the floor and I would pump her, but this could easily be misinterpreted.

Anyway, all done, so going for an early night tonight. Get the washing all hung up, then straight on to Pizza and bed as I have a stupidly early flight tomorrow. Will be flying solo again, but this time I think it’s three circuits without crashing, will be a challenge.

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