Skim, skiminy

So this morning started a bit later than planned. But it was difficult to get Jamie out of bed to bring me breakfast. After that I started sanding. Now after an hour I decided that this wasn’t really going to work. There is a limit to how much asbestos I want to breathe in. So I dug in the garage and found some skim plaster. Ran out fairly quickly, so off to B&Q. Came back, picked up the dog shit and filed the excess wine in the garage. Then spent the next five odd hours brushing skim plaster on to the uneven remains of the Artex. Ran out of skim. Anyway, with a bit of a sand I think it will be fine. Tidied up. Had a bath. Now about to make a curry.

Tomorrow the bathroom stuff is arriving. Need to get the template sorted tomorrow really.

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