Seventy five to go

So didn’t sleep again, got overheated then spent a few hours in the spare room as it’s just cooler. Working on a rather tricky bit of code today, all to do with lock free programming. It’s actually a very interesting, if very frustrating challenge. I did leave it at the point today where I have some interesting bits to do tomorrow.

Went for a run. Weather was nice during this, if a bit windy. Phone number was meant to be ported to now phone today, didn’t happen. But I can no longer send text messages on the old one (Did try and reply to you…couldn’t send…) Hopefully it will get sorted, I’m getting pissed off with having online conversations with ‘Wayne’ in an Indian call centre.

Went out in the evening over to Winterbourne, there were a series of caches there I attempted about a year ago. This time I found them all. A couple I was up to my neck and horse shit though, plus it was pissing down. Still got me out of the house. Came back. Jamie is off bumming Callum at Nando’s. Started watching the Canadian Grand Prix, think I’ll go to bed an attempt sleep. Sasha at daycare tomorrow again, should be Dillon, but cleaners are coming tomorrow.

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