Have I thought of everything? Doubt it

Today started late. I felt pretty bloated and not great. A lot of the morning was spent drinking coffee and procrastinating about death. I then had a massive belch and felt much better. Cracked on with work. Mainly on anti-alaising, there are lots of issues with that, that I really want to delve into later. Spent the afternoon working on an accessary that I can’t talk about. I don’t actually have this accessary, I’m just doing some render support for it. Actually I’m doing some render support for it, for someone when I’m away. Hopefully it won’t be too problematic. I’m going about it in a weird way, trying to implement the most complex stuff first, rather than the most obvious stuff first.

Walked the dogs. Rather than going to the gym I went out and found a couple of caches. Nice couple of hours walking. Weather wasn’t as nice as I’d hoped, still, didn’t rain.

Also trying to work on a packing list. And a check list. Both are virtual at the moment, I’ll start writing them up tomorrow. Ordered a couple more bits off Amazon. T shirts and vest have arrived. So has the lens filter kit. Only thing left still is this portable hard drive. Need to make a move on that soon.

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