The plasticine model challenge

This morning I didn’t wake up bloated which was nice after yesterday. I did however wake up with a bust wrist. I think I tanked it yesterday when I was out Geocaching. So that was giving me minor jip all day. Working on a variety of things, none were mind blowingly interesting. To be honest my heart just wasn’t in it today, I just couldn’t get stuck in. Over done enough hours over the past couple of weeks so took a fairly easy day.

Weather was shit, rained near enough all day. Started on a packing list. So far it has twenty-two lots of underwear and three t-shirts. Went to the gym and did Pump with Laverne. Had to take it easy and alter a couple of the moves due to my wrist. Afterwards we went down stairs and spent over an hour on the free weights. There was a guy there in a black vest who was very pleasing on the eye. I gave it all and really worked on my arms, they need it.

As it’s Friday, new video uploaded, ‘The plasticine model challenge’, where Jamie and I try to make and guess three models. It was a lot of fun to make.

Tomorrow it’s due to rain again, same on Sunday. I want to actually make a couple more videos in the morning so I can line them up for when we go away.

Time for bath and wine. Then pizza.

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