So tested NUT with a full power off simulation…..

Couldn’t sleep again. So got up at just gone six and took Dillon to daycare. Ended up waiting outside the place for twenty minutes. Went back to bed, managed to get a bit of sleep. Work was a combination of video player issues and anti-aliasing issues. AA will be the death of me, well if the helicopters don’t get me first.

Busy but dull day I guess. Picked up Dillon. Ordered some more pants. Decided I’m not going into the office tomorrow, I just have way too much to do again. Went to the gym and did Pump. It’s been a week, but it was good to go back. Came back and managed to get the out-tro video on to the laptop, so that’s one job done. Also put a few more locations in the sat-nav for the journey. Then I decided it was time….time to test the UPS. Okay, if I have a power outage it will stay up for over seven hours, but I thought I really should test it on a full power down situation. So I did a simulate power fail (which saves all that buggering about trying to find the correct plug), it went on to UPS perfectly, shutdown both the server and the firewall. UPS then did a power cycle and then it all came back up again. All worked fine. So if we do hit an apocalypse and the space aliens manage to restore power then everything will reboot correctly. I will sleep soundly now….actually I probably won’t.

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