Spam, spam, spam, spam

Working on more maths trig stuff. In the end it was a little pointless as most of the stuff I was trying to get it to use was double precision. Anyway, that’s all done now. Then did a couple of CPU bits and now back to GPU. I’m trying to time the amount of time it takes to draw nothing, which at first seems a bit naff but it is useful. You can see how much overhead your draw calls are taking. So things like shader and buffer sets still take time. The object being to optimise this down as much as possible.

Went to Combat, was fun I guess. Came back and did some more work. Think I’ll have an early night, what to try and start early tomorrow so I can get out early evening.

Mail server seems to be getting a lot of spam recently. I’ve updated some of the mail rules, which will probably mean that it will fail completely.

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