I enjoyed Combat this evening, spent most of it staring at my arms in the mirror

Forgot to mention yesterday, when I was doing the flooring, Jamie had the dogs in the bedroom for about seven hours. When he eventually came down Dillon went out for a pee and we stood there giggle as he was going for about three minutes.

Work was tidying up a few bits from last week. Also looking at a few optimisation things. Walked the dogs. Did more work.

Went to BodyCombat. Was great fun. My arms are looking damn fine. Chatting to Sarah, were going to see if we can do something about mother. As murder is a bit dodgy, we may look inter power of attorney instead. Oh I’ve looked it up, it’s £110 for the financial form.

Came back and did a bit more work. Then decided to re-edit my heli video. But to use the radio edit of the song so it’s shorter. Installed all my new FCPX plug-ins. They are fantastic. Had great fun with light bleeding, lens flares and volumetric lighting. Need another couple of sessions on it, but looking good.

Going to have a torture porn night tonight, as it’s been about a month since I’ve watched a film.

Don’t forget to watch my new video ’99 anecdotes and the bitch is in all of them’.

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