I think I’ve fallen in love with jointing compound

Started off this morning with an extra hour in bed, but still not long enough. Breakfast, coffee, Staverton. Now we had a hell of a wind today, so practised auto’s to full run on landing and towering take-offs. We got a couple of phone calls apparently as we were causing noise problems, “Please review your circuit profile”, as ATC said.

Drove back. Posted a quick video of the days activities and ate a couple of eggs. Picked up the dog shit. Then it was on to removing tiles. I did nine hours. I’ve got to about three quarters of the way across the bath. So probably about another twenty to go. But I’ve been sanding along the way and filling it all in with jointing compound. Which I’ve kinda fallen in love with. Goes on a piece of piss, easy to sand and sets like concrete.

Had a bath in the alternative bathroom, this confused Dillon.

Got a couple more plumbers to ring tomorrow who are interested in the job. Curry time.

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