So I’ve cheated and gone for the mechanical option

Work was quite interesting. As in I managed to get a reasonable gain in frame rate by changing very little. Which was quite a result. Then ended up fixing a few odd bugs. I’m now rather intrigued by a stalling problem with graphics synchronising with compute. One to investigate tomorrow. Walked Sasha, it is rather cold. Dug in the garage and found an SDS drill. Went to hire shop and ordered a tile remover chisel thing for it. It’s like six quid for a week. I’ll hopefully pick that up tomorrow and give it a blast in the evening. Went to Combat, that only had about six people in it. Think I’ll have an early night and read new book. I decided to do radiotelephony a bit later as I’ll get a lot more practise in as I go along, so studying human performance and limitations, it’s a small book, which says a lot about human performance and quite a lot about it’s limitations.

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