Stand with your left leg forward, your left leg, left leg

Didn’t start too badly considering. This week is all about GPU profiling. Oh the fun. Actually it’s very interesting. You end up producing a huge amount of data, which you have to stare at and then see if you can do anything about it. So far, so good. Found some fairly easy low hanging fruit which I’ve started to tackle. A lot more analysis to go and no doubt quite a few upcoming changes. We have a meeting with dev support the end of the week, so try and get as much in by then as possible.

Walked the dogs. Went to Body Combat. I felt pretty into it tonight and gave it a bloody good go. They was a new guy behind me, who did the entire thing on one side, no matter how much Liz shouted at him, he just stood there. Money says he won’t be back. Came back and did some more work. Got fast depth clears working, needs tidying up now. There are a couple of other oddities which I need to work out what it is.

Having a BBQ tomorrow, on a Tuesday? Yes, not my idea.

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