Who the hell has a BBQ on a Tuesday anyway?

So yesterday was pretty run of the mill. Did a lot of GPU profiling. Went running twice, once at lunchtime and then early evening. I then headed out to pick Lisa and Andy up. I left Jamie in charge of the BBQ which had six foot flames erupting from it due to the addition of a wine glass full of white spirit. We had an evening which slowly descended into debauchery and very loud singing. My neighbours must have been impressed. It then ended up in the dining room, playing pac man on the arcade cabinet. They walked home at about 1AM, we went to bed.

Dillon didn’t go to daycare this morning. I was a little bit hanging, must be said. Skipped breakfast and went straight for three rounds of coffee. Then I implemented FXAA antialiasing. Still looks a bit dodgy in places, will play around with a few bits. Really need to sort out specular aliasing issues.

Went to the gym and did Pump. I think I’m pretty much on the money now as far as the weights are concerned. I couldn’t get the plates for the ones I wanted, so ended up going higher than planned. Nothing went bang and my arms still work, so will stick with those for the next couple of weeks.

Read lots of papers about antialiasing. I have a very dull life sometimes. It’s very hot.

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