I’m standing there holding a dagger and then a man on a horse suddenly comes along

So this morning didn’t start too badly. Awoke fairly early. Jamie went out to get his hair done (poof), I got up and started relinking all the holiday videos after a bit of a cock-up with Final Cut Pro. Managed to find a little program that helped with converting links back to the original files and happily donated the $4 requested for it. It was all sorted after an hour. Had a quick lunch of boiled eggs then ventured out.

So the target was fourteen caches to take me up to two hundred. I’d allocated five hours. I was doing the ‘Father Ted’ series which seems quite appropriate for fathers day. I did three last week before the heavens opened. There were eighteen in the series. There were a few I didn’t find. So with two and a half hours to go I was four short. So then had to relocate by foot a mile or so away into a wood. Didn’t find the first couple then had a bit of a run. Found two in quick succession. Then #199 I found up against a rusty metal gate post. It was a wooden dagger with the log shoved in the end. While I was trying to get the log out a man came along on horse back. I just stood there, smiled and waved the bloody thing in the air…he trotted off. Number two hundred was just down the road. On the way back to the car I actually found another three.

Came home, moved over the last of the videos and logged all the finds. Added about three more hotel reviews from the trip and had a bath. A good day really. Weather was kind. The only thing I’m really suffering from now is bad chaffing in the taint region. I think it’s just a combination of heavy shorts and heat. I’ve put some moisturiser on it.

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