So I spent all afternoon chain-smoking then have to pay for a picture with an ugly baby

So I go running. Then end up calling into a house of people I thought I may know. I then spent all the afternoon chain-smoking while wondering about how it was going to effect my running. I had twenty quid in my pocket but I knew I needed a tenner to send off this government form with. I sat at the table and filled in the form. I’d just finished it when I was presented with a photo of me and a rather ugly baby with a big price sticker on it of £11. I said it was lovely but I couldn’t pay for it now as I needed ten pounds for the form. But it was okay as I was at the bureau de change on the ship. She had plenty of Euro’s but she was just about to close. Then thankfully I woke up.

After not very much time it was time to pick up the shopping. Came back, did a tiny bit more then we walked the dogs for an hour or so. Came back and finally got stuck in. Still all about photo processing and export today. What a mighty pain in the ass that was. Went to the gym and did Pump. Did a session with Laverne afterwards where we mostly rabbited. Came back and did another couple of hours. Finally got it all working. Now about to add annotations to a new video, then it’s pizza time.

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