Happy birthday to him

So just to catch up, yesterday we spent the afternoon in Cardiff. Jamie wanted to go shopping, so for a change I decided to head to Wales. We had a nice afternoon there, it has a good shopping centre now. Came back from there, showered and then headed over to Lisa’s. Where they spent the next five hours talking about Tesco’s. I drank six cans of lager and two glasses of wine. We were driven home in a Prius. They are fucking weird, starship enterprise and silent with it.

Today we woke up and had a bum. I made Jamie squeal, apparently I almost broke something. Aways proud of that. We went out and walked into town. Came back, showered again and off we went to the pub for a mediocre meal with Jamie’s family. The service there is absolutely appalling.

So thats it really, a busy weekend of socialising and eating. Be glad to get back to work.

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