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Okay, first apologies for this entry being rather late. Also I remember now that the spell checker doesn’t work properly on the iPad, so you have the additional chure of decoding my ramblings.

So yesterday started off early, bloody early to be precise. About 3.30AM. So we got up bright and cheerful, dressed, then got in the car. At this point Jamie informed me that he’d forgotton his razor, it’s not like I’d kiss him anyway as he’s hardly a looker, but still, couldn’t handle that, so quick scramble to get razor and off we went. The sat-nav decided to send me round the longest way possible to get to the M32, the rest of the journey was uneventful. Why was I using a sat-nav? How well do your senses work at 4AM? Check-in was painless, if slightly long, the queue extended around the airport about twice, it moved fairly quickly though. Not much to say about the flight, which I think is a good thing. After landing, thanks to all the drop offs it took about two hours to get to the hotel.

They remembered us from last year, well at least their computer did, with a fully preprinted check-in card. Welcome cocktails were served. Driven to the room. Okay, it’s not as palacial as last years, we don’t have a jacuzzi overlooking the ocean, but I do have a sea view suite on the top floor, with a bath I could drown half of Bazil in. And I love the shower, I could spend all evening in there, okay, I spent most of it. I put items in the safe, the safe then jammed, that was the last we were going to see of its contents in a while. Man came couldn’t open it. We went to dinner, I had sea bass, with chicken, with sea bass, followed by some chicken, and some rice. We then went to the pool bar and listened to some band who were performing to an audience of about six. They were pretty good actually. I drank lots of beer.

We returned to the room just before mid-night, the safe still being firmly locked. We drifted off to sleep very quickly, it’s quite nice not breathing in dog hair.

Tomorrow is now actually today, the afternoon is almost upon us, but to find out about that tune into tomorrow, or may be that is today.

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