Well there’s lots of things I’d thought I’d forget, this wasn’t one of them

So woke up fairly early. Let the dogs out. Then procrastinated a lot before breakfast. I then read the paper. Phoned mother, didn’t want to kill her afterwards, so that’s a plus. Got up. Hung up the washing. Then descaled the coffee machine and the water boiler. Finally had lunch then walked Sasha. Packed the dogs into the car and drove to the kennels. Dogs very eager to get in, went straight in the hut. I was then asked when I’d booked them in. It turns out that they weren’t in the book. It was fine providing I could pick them up Friday, after that he was full. I then got very stressed and had a bit of an existential crises. He had them in his book, but for three days at the end of September. Eventually as I was a good customer the dogs stayed. I came back and looked through the emails. Found where I’d booked them in…for next week. Strange that he hadn’t got that week booked either. I’d normally confirm a few weeks before, but completely forgot.

Went for a run. Came back, weighed myself, I’d broken the ten stone barrier so mission accomplished. Had a shower, then packed. Published new video, which is August update, part two.

So that’s it then. All done. Off to Turkey tomorrow.

There will be no vlogging, no twenty six part YouTube series. But there will probably be some rather amusing FaceBook status updates, plus of course this wonderful blog. Which will no doubt be written heavily under the influence.

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