First to find

Working on GPU optimisations again. Oh joy. Today was all about the best optimisation you can do, not send stuff to the GPU. So I was culling all duplicate and pointless draw calls. It doesn’t make a major difference, but every little really does help. Everything else was all to do with data cache misses.

Went for a run. Then this evening it was time to do number 250. But before that came number 249. Now I looked at this morning and a new puzzle cache had appeared. Very simple to solve. It was up Almondsbury way again so I shot up there after work. Got to the cache at 19:26, I was indeed the first to find it which was a nice change. I then went on to find two more. So that’s it, this years quota has already been reached. Ah, I’ll try and do three hundred this year, then hopefully may be five next year…They are getting a lot further a field now though, I’m having got drive five miles or so to relocated to a new area, otherwise it’s a few hours work just to pick the odd one off. There are lots of areas though probably within a fifteen mile radius where I can pick at least a thousand off.

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