So I met up with a nineteen year old, he didn’t match his picture

Spent all day basically replacing trig functions with a mapped copy and sorting out issues between single and double precision versions. It was heavily grunt work, but it did make quite a nice change from GPU stuff. Tomorrow I have to do some fun vector ops to replace sin / cos / tan. There’s also some odd issues with modulo, still one for tomorrow.

Received an email from mother. Offering to make cake.I should have spotted something coming at that point. So I replied and just said I was very busy. Then came what I was expecting, ‘So we won’t be going to Weymouth then?’. You just know everything must have some kind of ‘pay load’. I look forward to my cake.

Walked the dogs. Finished a bit early after last nights mammoth session. Had to take Jamie out to some customer. Bit into my evening.

Anyway, I went out, walked all the way down the A38 to Filton. Found a geocache I have been looking for three times now. Walked back the exact same way. Found a provisional drivers license. It belonged to a fairly cute looking nineteen year old. Googled the address, it was about an eighteen minute walk. It was a truly beautiful evening, very warm, it was about nine thirty but thought I’d make the effort. Found the place, dad answered, he was very grateful. Son appeared, looked nothing like his photo, very greasy black hair. I didn’t want to bang him, I just wanted to wash through a couple of bottles of shampoo. Anyway, that was my good dead for the decade. Walked home, didn’t get back in until ten thirty. It was still a beautiful evening. Came back and did the shopping list.

Up early tomorrow to drop the car off for it’s service and MOT.

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