Four seasons in one day

So we started off the day in Grand Canyon village. It was fucking cold. We made a good start and headed down to Flagstaff. Picked up gas. We basically travelled for eleven continuous hours. Passing through the bottom of the Colorado mountains and up the other side. We finally finished in place called Trinidad, Colorado. A nice little Holiday Inn hotel, with a good bar and food. It’s been a hell of a long day, but we’ve managed some serious mileage. And by god have we seen some weather. In Grand Canyon it was cold, then to mass heat, then to massive altitude and freezing again, then snow storms, then calm. It was complete madness. But one thing I will never get over is the shear vastness of this country. One small part is the equivalent of driving from the south-west to Scotland. The sat-nav says it’s over six hundred miles to the next turn off, that’s just shear madness.

One fun highlight, we got pulled over by the highway patrol. The chap was very nice, after the usual questions and license and registration bullshit, he actually only pulled us over for having the sat-nav in the middle of the dash.

More fun driving tomorrow.

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