So Jamie’s done my new YouTube outro, he must want sex

So woke up this morning and wondered why Jamie was still there. He announced it was his day off. Still he got to unpack the shopping. Work was fulfilling, in that it kept me busy all day and most of the evening. I was converting instanced primitives from having their world matrix as part of a vertex buffer to having it all in a constant buffer. Was quite fun I guess. All works anyway.

Went to Pump. Then did an arm session with Laverne afterwards. Chest is coming back up to a good weight now. Came back and did more work. Then edited a new helicopter video. This is a bit of a long one but demonstrates quite a few manoeuvres.

Jamie has been working on my new outro. It isn’t bad. Okay, it’s a lot better than my effort. So new video has it on. That’s still currently processing for ‘rolling shutter’ stabilisation issues. Oh the joys of being a top-flight video producer.

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