So I dreamt about someone fortifying my old house

Woke up rather early, but strangely Jamie had already left for work so can’t have been that early. I had a very strange dream, where I was viewing my old house. Now this is very odd as I never have observation type dreams, I’m always in them. Usually having sex with Keith Lemon and the Spice Girls. Anyway, there was a man there who was putting out fortifications around the kerb edge to stop people parking on it. It’s good to see that it’s not only me who would do this, okay it is, and my own mind. I got up and had coffee.

Work was quite annoying. Split the vertex buffers into position and everything else. Did absolutely nothing speed wise. Then I removed anisotropic filtering from environment maps, again, didn’t do anything exciting.

I walked Sasha. Then this evening I decided to go for a bike ride, first time in ages, quite a pleasant evening. Didn’t really aim to go anywhere, ended up going to the old house to check out any fortifications being added. There were none. Although the Leylandii needs a good trimming. The kerbs in a hell of a state and the bricks on the path have crumbled to pieces. They’ve also replaced the alarm by the look of it. The whole road is a tip, the only person who lives there still I think is lady chaverly. I have no regrets about leaving there. I also cycled to Frenchay, thought I’d pop by Mark’s place. No sign of the old Supra, it probably rusted away some time ago now. There was someone in the front room, I didn’t investigate further.

Came back and did the shopping list, had a shower. Torture porn night.

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