The balloon fiesta, without any balloons

So after waking up and doing coffee, I managed another chapter in my air law book. Not too bad. Read the paper, finally got up and took Sasha out. Had a light lunch, then we headed off and parked at Cotham. Walked right into town, across it, out the other side and then into Ashton Court. Took about an hour and a half. There we sat around for half an hour and watched nothing happening, apart from some bloke flying around on a sort of parasailing thing. It then rained. It continued to rain for the next two hours as we slowly made our way back to the car. We didn’t see one balloon. We did however see a Spitfire and a Hurricane, which I managed to grab some video of. Talking of videos, new one up today, it’s all helicopter stuff. Jamie is now going to cook for me, I may need a bottle of wine first.

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