So I’m now using Google XML map something or other

This morning started with Jamie having a hangover, as I’d managed to consume only three cans of lager I was fine. Had breakfast, then got on with the extractor fan positioning. By the time Shaun had arrived the pipe was already over the soffit waiting to be drilled. After some jolly fun with a ladder and plenty of cussing the exterior vent is now fitted. I’ve done the brackets for the fan so just need to install that tomorrow. I’m then left with some cleaning and painting, sealing the windows and reinforcing the vanity unit ready for the marble slab.

Then drove over to Cotham where we walked into town, failed to buy anything and then walked back again. Did the accounts. Installed a new plugin which apparently automatically handles SEO traffic and other stuff and uploads it to search engines. I’m sure it’s wonderful. Still haven’t heard from plumber number three, will make my final decision tomorrow evening.

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