A decision has been made….

So got up this morning without having sex, which is a shame as I was quite in the mood. Positioned the extractor fan an drilled into the ceiling. Then drilled down the stud wall for the isolation switch. Ended up putting that a bit high so had to chisel out a bit of the wood. Anyway, all fine and got the cables down for it. Then cleaned the ceiling with soapy water. Cleaned up the dog shit, had lunch. Painted the ceiling with two coats. Then fitted and wired in the extractor fan. All working fine. Cleaned and tidied everything, including scraping the windows. The only thing left now is to silicone the windows and then reinforce the unit for the marble top. I’ve made my choice of plumber and they have been informed, just waiting for them to respond now. Looks like probably the end of January due to the lead time on the marble top.

My server is having some serious DDOS issues, it’s getting very annoying as it keeps crashing the mail server side.

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