You really don’t know marble until you’ve stroked it

Today work wise was a bit of a mess, trying to do an SDK update. Shopping arrived, then lots of issues. We vanished at lunchtime to the stone masons in Fishponds. Looked at marble, then went into the factory itself, wow, there was an absolute shit load of stone. Hundreds of millions of pounds worth of the stuff. We went to the marble store and looked at loads of the stuff until we found a piece which was exactly what we were looking for. And of course, we got to stroke it. All paid for, jest need to do the MDF template now. Came back and did work, then went to Pump. Laverne still seems to have ebola, so came back.

This evening we went to an anniversary party of a cuban lady Jamie works with. I ran out of larger. Ended up dancing with the host’s socks. It was a good evening. I like Cubans.

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