I slept! It’s an interesting new concept

So after double the recommended dose of a sleeping pill I actually got off to sleep in about ten minutes. Didn’t wake up until about 8:30. It was wonderful. Got straight on with work. Got very pissed off with some very old GUI code. After several attempts I gave up on my first line of attack. After another couple of hours I got it mostly sorted, just need to add a load of code later on. I was going to go for a walk but then there was a sudden emergency that the on screen keyboard didn’t work. The reason being that it had never actually been written. So that was a fun few hours. Went out for a run. Came back and did another hour or so. Finally sat down and ate salad. Will pop some more pills then head to bed.

Oh, I’ve lost over six centimetres from around my gut, quite pleased with that. Still I’m trying to break the ten stone barrier by Sunday, almost there. Dillon at daycare tomorrow, slight diversion on the way home…going via Staverton aerodrome.

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