And then I didn’t sleep

So I went to bed at just gone midnight and got up at 7AM without anything in the way of sleep. Let the dogs out, fed them and then made breakfast. Dogs were confused. Finally loaded Dillon into the car and dropped him at daycare. Then carried on up to the M5 and off to Staverton. Made it in good time. James was late. We got going near enough straight away. Straight into circuits, I think I did about six. Then a load of short circuits into autorotations and flares. We were limited to exactly an hour as the other R22 was knackered and there was a queue to use this one. One more flight to do emergency procedures in parts of the circuit and then it’s solo time.

Drove back and started work about half eleven. Worked through till about half three then picked up Dillon. Then worked up until Pump, did that, picked up a parcel and then did a home check for a cat. Came back and did a couple more hours work. Finally sat down and ate salad. I think I have about two and a half pounds to lose now. Running and PT with Laverne tomorrow.

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