Sitting at a desk all day writing computer games doesn’t make me depressed, listening to you bang on does.

Woke up at 6:30, took Sasha to daycare. Massively windy outside, I heard a recycling box fall over. I looked out the window and saw the women next door in a cardie, in the pouring rain, picking up my dog food tins. I let her get on with it. Went back to bed where I was then rudely awaken by a courier. Dillon escaped and went on a bit of a tour. I then ended up outside in the rain in pants trying to call the dog in.

Eventually started work. Had one task to do day, which I completed. I have another one to do tomorrow and then another complete batch of hell, where I have to do shader resource tables. These will be a massive pain in the ass, but will hopefully all be worth it.

Took Jamie to the bank. Picked up Sasha.

I now have my laminate flooring power saw. Also managed to buy a Joby Gorillapod from E-bay.

I read one of my mothers emails to a friend of her’s (yes I get a copy of all her emails, the NSA have got nothing on my abilities). She said “Oh, Tim’s learning to fly a helicopter, but before he can fly solo he has to pass a medical, he failed it due to the antidepressants he’s taking. Sitting at a desk writing computer games all day, would drive anyone to depression.” Actually it doesn’t, I’m usually pretty happy when I’m working, it taxes my mind, it can be quite stressful but it doesn’t make me depressed. Listening to her bang on makes me depressed.

Went to Pump. Increased my weights. It hurt. Drank a protein shake. Eaton too many sweets. I’ve upgraded to the latest FCPX now, all seems good. Haven’t heard from B&Q, god knows where my flooring is.

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