Her strip light is flickering – call out the marines

For some reason I started very late. Anyway, got on with it. Once again I had one job to do and actually did it plus a bit more, so can’t complain. Weather is still shit. I’ve got a couple of bugs to trace tomorrow plus look into another small optimisation. Next week I need to start looking at shader resource tables. The principle is very simple, the implementation will be very frustrating, but hopefully all worth it in the end.

Walked Sasha, Dillon wasn’t interested. Went to Spin. Span. Did more work. Managed to get PhotoShop to work on the iMac. Ordered another memory card for the camera. Trying to get an external mic but everyone is out of stock.

Mother sent me an email to say her strip light is flickering. That must be the cue to either send in the marines or to ignore her for a couple of weeks. I think I’ll take the latter option.

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